A few days ago I had what you could call an ‘A-HA!’ moment. It was a moment of joy that made my heart swell but also brought a very important realisation. Every morning when I take my five year old to school, she likes me to peep through her classroom… View Post

A couple of years ago I discovered two blogs that totally changed my way I live my life: Slow Your Home and  Hands Free Mama. Both blogs have a slightly different take on the slow movement but essentially the same message… Slow your life and live more simply = a… View Post

Intentions are goals that help guide us through the day or something we want to accomplish. We set and reaffirm our intentions to keep us moving in the direction we truly mean to go. If you read my post about my simple 5 step morning ritual, you’ll have seen that… View Post

I’m all about taking baby steps when it comes to making changes and working on my self improvement. I really believe that even the tiniest changes add up to something big when you look at the overall picture. Plus they say that practicing something new for 30 days creates a… View Post

If you want to change and grow and make your life shine, I think you need to know yourself. Like really know yourself. I thought I really knew myself. I mean, I’m 40 years old, what could I possible not know about myself? One day abut six months ago, I… View Post

I have a confession to make… I’m a little bit addicted to e-courses! I love getting an email every day with a new piece of advice or something to ask myself or something to try out.A few weeks ago I took a fantastic e-course called ‘30 Day Energy Cleanse’ by… View Post