Meet Debra

Hi I’m Debra, I’m here to help make your life shine! I’m passionate about sharing my big (and little) life lessons to help and support others. I want to share all the wonderful things that make my heart sing, amazing things I’ve learned so far and what I’m still learning on my journey to peace, happiness and joy.

I spent most of my adult life thinking I wasn’t enough… I told myself I wasn’t a good enough mum, a good enough wife, didn’t have enough money, my body wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t worthy of happiness. I spent my life comparing myself to everyone else. Yes, I was full of self-limiting beliefs. I was stressed out all the time and sometimes felt like my head was going to explode! I thought everyone had a better life, relationship, career, body, house, everything! So I lived with the false belief that I would be happier when [insert major life event] happened! Despite all this I wasn’t unhappy. I was simply stuck in a cycle of negative belief.

Towards the end of 2014 my marriage ended. It was a huge turning point for me. It was the start of my voyage of self discovery and my journey to peace and happiness. I began reading everything I could about self improvement, mindfulness, self-care, slow living and how to be happier. I learned that happiness and peace is found inside us, not from another person or ‘thing’. I learned to not care what others think about me and how to love myself just as I am. I also learned lots amazing practices to help me through stressful times and guide me to living my best life.

The top three practices that helped me break free of my negative beliefs were meditation, journalling and gratitude. One of the pages in my journal asked me to state my life mission and after much contemplation and soul-searching, I decided mine is…

‘To achieve happiness and peace and help others achieve happiness and peace’.

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A little more about me…

1 / My surname is pronounced ‘Secker’.

2 / I’m mum of two beautiful children, girlfriend to my soulmate and live in beautiful Yorkshire.

3 / I love taking photos of clouds.

4 / I discovered a few years ago that I’m really good at baking! I previously had a baking blog called My Little Kitchen.

5 / I have to have fresh flowers in my house.

6 / I want to live at the seaside one day, preferably on the beautiful Lincolnshire coast.

7 / I believe in angels, spirit guides and reincarnation.

8 / My favourite season is spring.

9 / I work part time in customer relations but I’m working towards becoming a life coach.

10 / I’m a tidy freak and don’t like clutter in my home.

11 / I love walking barefoot on grass.

12 / I’m a very cold person, I like to be wrapped up in layers of clothing with the heating on full blast.

13 / My personality type is ISFJ (the Defender)

14 / I’ve never been able to find jeans that I feel comfortable in.

15 / I have a cat called Bob who’s like my 3rd child!

16 / My favourite Saturday night is cosied up on the sofa with my chap watching a film.

17 / I find it impossible to walk on sand with my shoes on.

18 / I’m a Libra.

19 / My favourite food is seafood but I’ve never eaten a lobster (I would love to!)

20 / I’m addicted to Pinterest and pinning Inspirational quotes.