A while ago I wrote about my revelation that life wasn’t about being happy all the time… it’s about noticing and savouring the little moments of joy. Something else I’ve come to realise is that probably 99% of my moments of joy are caused by someone else being happy. Tickling… View Post

Welcome back to another installment of my monthly goals. In case you’re new here, I set myself three goals each month with the intention of making small steps towards my bigger goals and my overall self-development. Last month’s post was really popular with you guys so I’m going to make it… View Post

No one can argue with the Dalai Lama when it comes to words of wisdom. I’ve always admired him for the fact that he radiates so much happiness, compassion and tolerance. His quotes convey a mixture of incredible insight, sound life advice and also a little humour. I love his… View Post

I think it’s nice to find out about the person behind the words and I love to connect with you lovely people who read my blog! So I thought I’d do a little catch up with what I’ve been watching, feeling, planning, dreaming and grateful for lately. Please leave me… View Post